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The Dialogue for Peace Outreach Programs break through loneliness and the feeling of isolation, and are designed to support teachers and schools in planting seeds for global citizenship, fostering the students’ idealism, compassion, creativity and heartfelt desire for a better world.

Dialogue For Peace

Dialogue for Peace Outreach is an education program of the Peace On Earth Film Festival, which moves in accord with the Festival’s mission – to use film to challenge attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate discord and to plant seeds for creating a socially just, non-violent and eco-balanced world.

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Dialogue For Peace: Extended Curriculum

The DFP-Ext continues to sustaining the mission and objectives of its single-day/single session model, amplifying Illinois Common Core Learning Standards, with “emphasis on applying knowledge to real world situations…”

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Community Movie Night

Community Movie Nights encourage parents and families to join teachers and administrators in being shareholders in spreading the message of peace, nonviolence and ecological recoveries.

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Peace Week

On September 21, 2015, the Peace On Earth Film Festival (POEFF) will offer it’s educational outreach program, Dialogue for Peace (DFP), in conjunction with Chicago Build the Peace Committee, to all Chicago Public Schools, in celebration of International Peace Day.

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