Dialogue for Peace – Extended

15 Week/13 Film Curriculum

DFP-Extended a 15-week/13-film curriculum (all education programs of the POEFF) was piloted at Josephine Locke Elementary, an International Baccalaureate school of Chicago Public Schools.

The DFP-Ext sustains the mission and objectives of its single-day/single session model, amplifying Illinois Common Core Learning Standards, with “emphasis on applying knowledge to real world situations…” and sustaining the high ideals of the IB Learner Profile.

Through dialogue students learn to build on others’ ideas, while articulating their own.

  • Listening with respect is quintessential to healthy dialogue, a cornerstone of the DFP.
  • International films’ thematic material sparks student dialogue to open minds to understand other perspectives and cultures.
  • Technology and digital media have been incorporated into rigorous homework assignments, which lends to the support of teachers to stretch the learning capacity of each student.

Most importantly, as participants discover their natural capacity to trust, feel, and talk about things that matter; isolation is diminished as the reaching out to others is enhanced. Each discovers a life based on a growing sense of belonging. Classrooms have experienced an environment of calm, affording opportunity for education to flourish.