International Peace Day 2014

On September 19 2014, the Peace On Earth Film Festival (POEFF) will offer it’s educational outreach program, Dialogue for Peace (DFP), in conjunction with Chicago Build the Peace Committee, to all Chicago Public Schools, in celebration of International Peace Day.

During Peace Week worldwide, teachers based on their School Administration’s agreement with International Peace Day coordinators in their community, are invited to go to the POEFF Outreach Page for the following Dialogue for Peace programming:

Three Films

  1. Age/grade appropriate* with synopses and running time
  2. Link to YouTube or Vimeo, of respective films

* Selected movies have been reviewed by the POEFF Teacher’s Advisory Panel made up of elementary, middle and high school: teachers, counselors, and International Baccalaureate coordinators.

Curriculum will include:

  1. Guide to Teachers
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Pre-screening questions
  4. Post-screening questions

Please Note: The DFP curriculum and related movie links will be available only through the Peace On Earth Film Festival web site:

Teachers and administrators are asked to come to the POEFF website and take the following steps:

  • Fill out contact information
  • Read and accept “Terms of Usage”
  • Create a username and password for access to the Dialogue for Peace curriculum during the designated Peace Day
  • Materials will be available for your review Monday, Sept. 15th through Friday, Sept. 19th
  • Questions and information call: Nick Angotti: 773.273.1598

Created by festival directors/co-founders, Milissa Pacelli and Nick Angotti, the Dialogue for Peace Outreach Program is a year-round component of the annual Peace On Earth Film Festival, fulfilling the festival’s mission to spark meaningful dialogue on tolerance, nonviolence, social justice, the ecology, and more.

DFP Meets and Supports: Illinois Common Core Standards and International Baccalaureate Mission & Learn Profile with ’emphasis on applying knowledge to real world situations…’


The program is designed to challenge students to explore multiple subjects and to examine their perceptions while encouraging them to become better listeners and observers. Our purpose is to support students to become participants in action for peace, nonviolence, social justice and an eco-balanced world. The program is designed to support teachers and schools in planting seeds for global citizenship, as well as conscious involvement in the lives of their friends, family, school and community.


We will be engaging students in meaningful dialogue on peace, nonviolence, social justice and an eco-balanced world, through the use of films, both Narrative and Documentary, which convey the struggles and triumphs of individuals and groups. Discussion topics will depend upon which films are selected to be presented at a school, however, many films will touch on more than one theme (i.e., nonviolence and social justice).


  • To stimulate dialogue on peace, nonviolence, social justice and ecological recoveries.
  • To help reduce violence, breaking down feelings of isolation and separateness.
  • To inspire active, creative citizenry and global understanding through story telling.
  • To build a more teachable classroom environment.
  • To help students take more ownership of the role(s) they have in their own communities.

** All films are under copyright to the Filmmakers. Filmmakers have granted the Peace On Earth Film Festival usage of their copyrighted material in connection with the POEFF’s Dialogue for Peace Outreach Program. Any usage of the films in association with DFP written material/curriculum is granted on an individual basis and necessitates permission for usage from the POEFF.

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