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    The website (the Site), and all Information therein, contains material owned by either Peace On Earth Film Festival (POEFF) or participating filmmakers which are protected under copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. Further, all films are under copyright to the respective Filmmakers. Filmmakers have granted the Peace On Earth Film Festival usage of their copyrighted material in combination with written material of the POEFF's education outreach program, Dialogue for Peace.

    The POEFF owns all Information and works of authorship on The Site. All trademarks, service marks, and logos used on the Site are the trademarks, service marks, or logos of POEFF.

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    Usage of any film(s) in conjunction with DFP written material/curriculum, in part, portion or suggestion, is granted on a one time basis and necessitates permission of use from the POEFF. Replication of DFP written material is prohibited.

    The POEFF has come into an understanding with the Chicago Build the Peace Committee (CBPC) to allow those registered on this web site utilization of it's Dialogue for Peace written material in association with selected films of its archive, specific to Chicago's celebration of Peace Day Chicago, September 19, 2014. Neither the POEFF, CBPC nor Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is responsible for individual film content nor any copyrighted material assigned or unassigned to respective films, which is the sole responsibility of the individual filmmakers.

    The CBPC has neither ownership nor responsibility for content of this site, nor that of film content. CPS Administration have approved usage of the Dialogue for Peace written material in conjunction with individual films for usage on September 19, 2014, CBPC selected day in commemoration of UN International Peace Day and Peace Day Chicago programs. Neither CBPC or CPS is not responsible for content of this web site nor material associated with DFP content, including associated film material.

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    The POEFF asks that you register, establish a username and password, provide us with your name, first and last; your email address, school where you are employed, and the grade(s) you teach, and answer the question "I would be interested in hearing more about DFP Free Programming".

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    The information you provide for us will not be used in any fashion except to provide access to you in dissemination of POEFF and DFP promotion. Your personal information will never be provided to third parties for any reason.

    You have read the information provided in this Agreement of Terms and Conditions Usage and agree that, other than the right to access the Site and view the Information contained on the Site under the terms and conditions set forth herein, you acquire no ownership, title, right or interest of any kind in or to the Site or any portion of any Information on the Site, and that all title, right and interest therein and thereto remains with POEFF, other than that assigned property right, copyrights of the individual filmmakers.