What teachers, students and administrators have said about Dialogue for Peace Outreach Program


“The most beneficial part of the DFP program was the fact that the 8th grade class had zero suspensions for the year! The program played a vital role in that happening.”
Middle School, Language Arts Teacher


“I had no trouble understanding anything . The movies got me thinking, the discussion clarified my thoughts, and the homework helped to broaden my knowledge and learn more about the topic.”
7th grader


“Our students need Common Course Standards to learn to Problem Solve. Programs like this give them that opportunity”
Middle School Principal


“…the program was truly education at its best: interesting, inspiring, meaningful, and conducive toward action.”
National Board Certified Teacher/International Baccalaureate Coordinator


“It (DFP) can make us change our point of view, and it can make us do something to make a difference, and make a better world… ”
10th grader


“This program gave our students a chance to be heard…not only in the classroom, but in the community as well. My students could not wait to share their experiences with peers and parents.”             7th Grade Teacher


“It (DFP) changed my whole opinion about the way I feel about people from other cultures…we’re kind of the same in ways.”
8th Grader


“Students would benefit from fun, interactive lessons and dialogue, and teachers would benefit from the well developed lesson plan and activities. The community would also benefit from students beginning to see themselves as a part of a bigger world…”
Middle School Vice-Principal


“These films we watched weren’t like any movies I’d seen before, these films made me think about life, how other people lived. It was like the first time I ever thought so much that my brain started hurting.”
7th Grader


“…others should be able to experience the life changing effects of all that we did in class.”   8th grader